Ok family, I’m not sure why I didn't write this blog sooner, but now must be the time. From our launch in 2014, the PuffCuff is often compared to the long-standing hair styling tool – the banana clip. While at the time it didn’t bother us much. Because let’s face it. It does put you in mind of a banana clip. It’s got two arms that are connected by a center hinge. But in all honesty, that’s all it has in common with the banana clip. We feel the need to squash the rumors and the under breath mumbles are perpetuating the falsehood that PuffCuff Hair Clamp is just a round banana clip. Only those who have never tried the product can try to make that claim. But in this world of social media, alternative facts spread faster than truth. With this blog, we hope to put an end to these alternative facts, that we see as, negative characterizations.

We’ve realized we must educate our customers to the actual quality of the available styling tools. For years consumers were offered different tools made of one type of material, Acrylic, and they all operate in one manner; to cinch hair tightly to give it bulk. The large hair accessory manufacturers, Goody (who is owned by Rubbermaid Newell) and Scunci (who is owned by Conair) set the standard, but is this standard leaning in their favor or the favor of the consumer? Makes you say, hmm? Products provided by these companies are made with the least expensive material, that has a high probability to break or degrade with usage. Also, their products are not made in the US, which is a whole ‘nother blog. The below text is straight from Goody’s website:



Don’t misunderstand; we’re not saying this is bad business practice, it’s just business especially when there is only one other competitor in the market. They can make their rules and feed it to the consumer as status quo. Then customers start to believe those available products must be of quality. But is it? Or is it because you’ve never been offered anything contrary. Think about it for a second. Makes you say hmmm?!?! After much research and establishing an understanding of the market, PuffCuff decided to do better and do differently.

False perceptions deter our consumers from trying the most revolutionary curly hair game-changer available. We refuse to let that happen. We’ve listed four common misconceptions about the PuffCuff Hair Clamp and the support information to debunk these claims.


1. PuffCuff is just like a banana clipOk, that’s FALSE

PuffCuff’s are NOT banana clips. They are designed differently and do NOT work the same. Banana clips and pony combs have long teeth that are very close together. These penetrate through straight hair. Banana clips are meant to glide through, and the hair is squeezed in between the arms until the clip is closed. Here’s how to use a banana clip. PuffCuff’s unique short widely spaced teeth are designed to lock into the texture or curl of your hair and hold the clamp in place, NOT to glide through the hair like a comb or banana clip.

Since PufffCuff is NOT a banana clip, you can't use it like one. You must gather your hair first as if making a ponytail. Insert teeth of PuffCuff at the base of the ponytail. Repeat on opposite side. Squeeze to overlap hooks. Pull arms in opposite direction. Interlock hooks to close. Release hair and fluff. PuffCuffs are specifically designed to create high buns and afro puffs painlessly for curly, thick or textured hair without cinching the hair to the smallest point of resistance. Here’s how to use a the PuffCuff Hair Clamp.


2. PuffCuff is the Ring "Pony" Comb like I used in elementary school NOPE, NADA, NOT!
Come on people! Do you really think the US Patent and Trademark Office would grant us a design and utility patent if it was the same thing?!?!? Not likely.


Look at the Ring “Pony” Comb. (Don’t you just love the image of the girl? And her image wasn’t a clue understand the Ring comb was not meant for you?) It does not compare. Other than the facts both tools are round. The Ring comb is about 2 inches when the largest PuffCuff is 5 inches. So is a cantaloupe and an orange the same thing? Nope!


3. PuffCuff is made of lightweight, cheap, flimsy plasticReally? Now, why would we do that? Totally not true!!!
Well, PuffCuff is lightweight but by no means cheap. Why do you want something heavy in your hair? I'll tell you why, because you’ve been conditioned to think heavy equals quality. This is not always true. I admit, I thought the same until we met some Materials Engineers who graduated from North Carolina A&T School of Engineering who educated us on the difference. PuffCuff is made of 100% Virgin lightweight ABS plastic for a reason. We chose a highly lightweight material so to not add any unnecessary weight to the hair and head as to avoid pain. We decided not to go the CHEAP route and use acrylic (which most hair accessories are made of) for the PuffCuff. Acrylic is brittle by nature (because it requires mixing a powder and a liquid to make a solid. Just like acrylic fingernails). It's heavy, usually glossy, or painted. These glossy and painted finishes usually flake off or deteriorate over time from hair products and sweat. PuffCuff’s material is nonporous. It will not deteriorate, hold onto grease, sweat or hair products, therefore making it a healthier hair styling tool.


4. PuffCuff costs too much Man, please?!?! FALSE again!
PuffCuffs retail price is very fair compared to products of the same quality and lifespan. Do you drink Starbucks coffee? If so and you've had more than 3 Caramel Mocha Frappuccinos in your life, you’ve already purchased a PuffCuff. And guess what, you ain't getting those Grandes back. Our products are not throw-away items, so the money spent is a great investment. It's a great investment in more than one aspect. PuffCuff is MADE in the USA employing Americans. Also, we have customers who still have their original PuffCuff they purchased more than two years ago.

So to wrap it all up, our ultimate goal is to provide a set of high-quality hair styling tools designed specifically for those with curly or textured hair – a growing market segment to which the beauty industry has paid little to no attention. Elastic and rubber bands, banana clips all pull and tug the hair shaft, creating too much traction and stressing the hair follicle. They are simply BAD for your hair, period! Not PuffCuff. Since the PuffCuff stays in place, it’s much gentler, reduces breakage and promotes healthy, strong hair. With healthy strong hair, comes healthy strong self-esteem and self-image. Do you agree? Yep, that's what we thought.