PuffCuff's Top 10 Curly Instagrammers

Instagram is a wealth of inspiration, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty. The current queens of the beauty scene are the Bloggers, Vlogger, Models and Influencers. As the natural hair movement continues to grow, naturalistas are stepping center stage and giving their coiled locks time to shine. Talk about Insta-ration! Our Top Ten Curly Instagrammers have a variety of textures, lengths and styles, and we promise they will be your favorite new curl-friends.


Ciprianna and TK Quann – Twining Models and style bloggers are Baltimore-born identical twins. While Ciprianna is one-half of the @urbanbushbabes, twin TK is a musician. Both made Vogue Magazine’s uber-exclusive Best Dressed List and have landed campaigns with Kenneth Cole and Agent Provocateur.


Tori Kelly is a Youtuber-turned-superstar with a free spirit and wild curls. This California Girl is rarely seen not rocking her naturally curly locks. @ToriKelly brings a much-needed dose of texture and dimension to the red carpet and Young Hollywood. 


Tracee Ellis Ross – Whether you were first introduced to her on Girlfriends or Blackish, @TraceeEllisRoss has been holding it down for curly girls for years. The daughter of icon Diana Ross, Tracey is funny, fearless and always fashionable. 



Whintey White aka @Naptural85 is a mother, hair and lifestyle vlogger with over half a million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of Youtube views. Not only does she share her wash & go secrets and gel recipes she also talks about temporary hair dyes, confetti buns and styling her daughter's hair. 


Nia aka @NiaTheLight s an English and Zimbabwean beauty that rocks her curly fro with pride. This Youtuber and jet-setter loves sharing photos of her worldwide adventures and even hosts natural hair meetups. She’s transparent about her natural hair journey and takes her followers for the ride.


Frédérique Harrel is a Top UK Fashion Blogger and Vlogger. This Parisian model and fashion plate @FreddieHarrel is also the creator of Big Hair No Care, which is an ethical line of big & bold hair extensions. 



Illy is a Dancer, Makeup Artist and Plus Size Model. When @beautymarked_illy not striking a pose in front of the camera for Forever 21 Plus, you can find her reviewing curly hair products on her Youtube channel.


M is a stunning, freckled face beauty with luscious red curly locks. Her perfectly coiffed coils give her a dreamy, ethereal look. Plus, @emblu could easily pass for the real-life version of one of our favorite Disney Princesses, Merida! 


Farouk James – Pint-size model @FaroukJames gained international acclaim walking the runways all around the world. With a giant, auburn mane as big as he is, he’s easy to spot. His father is from Ghana and his mother is from London, where the family currently resides.


Brandy G is a Model, Mother, Influencer and Elementary Teacher who’s holding it down for the short-haired, curly girls. The @authentically.b profile is filled with bold, bright colors and a mix of bohemian, edgy and classic looks.


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