Smaller PuffCuff Sizes Are Here!

Hey everyone! We’ve been talking about new products for our store and guess what? They’re finally here. The PuffCuff Juniors, Minis, and Micros are now available for sale! The PuffCuff itself is great, but it’s even better now with these three smaller sizes. The PuffCuff Junior is 3.125 inches wide, the Mini is 2.5 inches wide, and the Micros are 1.625 inches wide. These are smaller in comparison to our regular PuffCuff (5 inches wide). All three of our new products are made out of the same material as the regular-sized PuffCuff and come in packs of two (for the Junior), three (for the Mini), and five (for the Micros). They can be secured around your hair to create fun styles such as buns, side buns, puffs and more. Here are some styles you can achieve with these new PuffCuffs!

Double Puff and more!

Remember the dreaded rubber bands, clips, and bubbles your Mom haphazardly put in your hair? God forbid they snapped (they usually do) and hit your head. No more of that! Start by moisturizing your hair before styling. Parting your down the middle and gather each side and insert the PuffCuff Junior or Mini at the base of each section. Once secured, gently shape each puff until you’ve reached your desired volume and ta-da! No pain, tears or projectile bubbles. You can also make buns instead of puffs, add buns, or use the PuffCuff Micro to create three or four puffs!


Afro Mohawk (kids or adults)

Another style you can achieve with the PuffCuff Mini and Junior is the Afro Mohawk. Start by sectioning your hair into three parts (front, middle, back). Gather each section and insert a PuffCuff Mini or Micro at the base – remember to moisturize your hair first for best results. After you’ve secured each cuff, gently comb out your puff until each section meets. Continue to shape into your desired volume of Mohawk and you’re done!


Other variations include creating three buns instead of puffs or bangs and two or three puffs on the top, middle and back of your head.


Show us what styles you’ve created with PuffCuff’s new sizes. Email us photos at

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