The Why Behind PuffCuff Male

After years of planning, we are excited to announce that PuffCuff Male is officially LIVE! PuffCuff Male is the one-stop shop for styling and grooming products for men with curls, coils, braids, and locs. As a launch day gift, save 20% off your first order using PCM20 when you shop at


PCM MISSION: To champion for self-confidence and self-acceptance by providing painless damage-free styling tools for men with thick, curly, or textured hair.

The beauty industry thrives on exclusion. This sector has prospered by providing top-down solutions and force-feeding unrealistic image standards. Not taking the time to know their customers' actual wants and needs is this industry's modus operandi. Often not giving men with texture and curls even a thought. PuffCuff Male is for men of texture. We provide product, styling, and maintenance advice curated especially for them. 

It's a fact, the beauty and personal care industry also cater primarily to those with straight hair, thus causing the invention of PuffCuff over seven years ago. Though the industry is slowly trying to catch up, meeting the grooming needs of the textured-haired male market hasn't even left the gate. As a result, information on caring for and styling curly hair is limited, leaving men unsure. 

We are breaking the cycle, starting conversations, and providing self-care solutions for men of color and men with curls. PuffCuff Male is a one-stop shop for men of all textures; of course, offering our flagship item, the PuffCuff Hair Clamp. Our clamps are a highly sought-after alternative to elastic bands—ending tension, hair damage, and headaches. Additionally, the double patented design works with the fullness of curls instead of restraining them, resulting in a "barely there" feeling and a quick, stress-free styling experience. We also carry our line of consumable styling products, the Moistchä and Enhänsä line, explicitly formulated to moisturize and enhance your natural texture.

Learn more about PuffCuff Male at and get 20% off your first order using PCM20.


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