Top Black Hair Care Products - Are they made by Black-owned Companies?


For us, by us? We bet you’d be surprised to learn that you aren’t supporting black-owned beauty brands when you shop some of the largest natural hair brands out there. There’s no doubt that there has been a boom of black-owned beauty brands, but if we aren’t mindful of who we’re supporting with our dollar those black businesses might never get the chance to grow. Last year we did some research to find out “Why Koreans own most Black Beauty Supply Stores.” We quickly discovered that black women spend an estimated $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, but how much of that is going back into the pockets of black-owned beauty brands? 

This sparked our curiosity to see how many of the black hair product companies that market to black people are actually black-owned, and we were surprised by how many of the most popular brands weren't. Including; African Pride, ElastaQP, Smooth ’N Shine, Ultra Sheen, Sulfur 8, Infusium 23, Mizani, Dark and Lovely, Optimum Care, Soft & Beautiful, Doo Gro, Dax, Creme of Nature, African Best, Pro-Line (Just for Me), and Dr. Miracles to name more than a few. To help support our community of black business owners, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite black owned hair care brands that you can support with your dollars.

Taliah Waajid  Taliah Waajid is a Hairstylist and the “Queen of Curly, Coily, Natural Hair Care”. Her quality products help promote healthy using natural ingredients, fruits, and herbal extracts. This brand has been killing the natural hair game for over 25 years.

PuffCuff Founder Ceata Lash with Uncle Funky's Daughter CEO Renee Rhoten Morris

Uncle Funky's Daughter - Led by Chief Curl Officer Renee Rhoten Morris, who boasts over 20 years of her own natural hair journey, Uncle Funky's Daughter offers a full line of sustainable, chemical-free hair care products that tame frizz and provide long lasting curl definition.

Miss Jessie’s  Sisters Miko and Tito opened the first Miss Jessie’s Salon in 1997. They saw a need for curly hair professionals that wasn’t being filled. Daughters of a Japanese mother and African-American father, their multi-textured hair had been mistreated for years. Until they decided the best way was to do it themselves. And offer their services to other natural and naturally curly clients. Since 2004 they’ve produced a natural hair care line for kinky, coiled, curly and wavy hair. The products range from styling cremes, moisturizers, and deep conditioning treatments.

Design EssentialsCEO and President, Cornell McBride, Sr. made millions with his first few products in the eighties. After selling to Johnson Products in 1989 he began developing The Design Essentials hair care system which was launched in 1990. Design Essential products are engineered to infuse hair with a natural balance of vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability. They offer a variety of products for different hair types and concerns which can be found on the drugstore shelf or at the salon.

Sienna Naturals  Sienna Naturals is the product that “puts hair-care first”. The four-step, plant-based hair routine is a simple and easy way to give textured hair what it needs most. Created by Howard University grad and mother Hannah Diop when she couldn’t find products that truly nourished her hair.

The Mane Choice  Once a home-based company The Mane Choice is now a multi-million-dollar brand. The company made history as the first hair vitamin to be featured in the hair aisle at Target. The main goal of CEO Courtney Adeleye is to make sure every product she offers works from the inside out. Beautifying while improving the health of her customers.

Kinky-Curly — Kinky-Curly is a leading haircare brand for naturalistas. Shelley Davis founded the company in 2003. And has continued to offer products free from petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, parabens, and acrylics. Their products are specially formulated to provide moisture and stronghold without drying out curls.

Jane Carter Solution  A hairstylist and salon owner for 20 years, Jane created her line after having an allergic reaction to the hair products she’d been using on clients. Disappointed by the lack of chemical-free product choices, Carter formulated a hair care line for all hair types and textures using plant-derived ingredients.


Mixed Chicks - Bringing attention to the growing number of multi-cultural people, Wendy Levy and Kim Etheredge created Mixed Chicks to fill the void of curly hair care products for those of mixed descent. Leading the multi-cultural revolution, Wendy and Kim are welcoming a new era for curls as they find themselves on each continent in the world.

PuffCuff  The PuffCuff was created by Ceata E. Lash when she changed her lifestyle and her hairstyle. As a new naturalista, she searched for hair accessories that worked with the thickness and texture of her hair. Not against it. Everything she found was created for thin, straight hair and would cause hair breakage, damage or cinched her hair to its smallest point of resistance. So she set out to create an easy-to-use styling tool that was sanitary, durable, affordable and could help create quick looks without stressing the hair. In 2014 the PuffCuff was born and it is still one of the few styling tools that can be used on the curls, waves, braids and locs of men, women, and children.

Eden Bodyworks  At 13 years old, Jasmine Lawrence couldn’t find the right products to care for her damaged hair. So she founded her own line and shared it with the world. 10 years later her line has expanded to include body and kids collections and can be found at drug stores nationwide.

Girl + Hair  Depending on the season and reason, Founder, Dr. Camille Verovic would choose a preferred protective style, such as hair extensions, crochet braids, wigs, braids, or weaves. She soon realized that there was no natural hair care product that helped maintain and grow her natural hair while it was put away in a braided protective style. So in 2010, she created Girl + Hair. Each product flows through a specially designed nozzle tip into the braided hair and onto the scalp.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co.  This British brand is a purveyor of pure plant magic. They handcraft organic hair and skin products using natural and locally sourced ingredients. The company’s Founder and Creative Director Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka is an advocate for holistic health and wellness in black women. She seeks to eliminate the common toxins that contribute to the undermining of black women's health by providing high functioning all-natural alternatives.

Hairfinity  When Tymeka Lawrence and husband Brock Lawrence, couldn't find products that were both safe and effective,  they created Brock Beauty. Their Hairfinity Hair Vitamins broke the internet when celebrities like the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj endorsed them. Since then, the brand has grown into a full-scale hair care line with shampoo, conditioner, oil, masks, and repair kits.


  • Gloria

    Ashley Lauren Natural Products are a great brand that was develop by a black chemist 20 years ago. The company is 100% black owned.

  • Kim Hutchins

    This is very helpful. I would like it even better if there was a share button on here. (I may have missed it) I am very saddened to see that African Pride sold out. Why arent they selling to the black owned companies or merging with each other. This is another problem with black owners. They don’t look for the best for their people, they just try to make extra dollars.

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