Why We Reduced the Price of Our PuffCuff Packs

Hey Curlfriends!

At PuffCuff, we're always listening to you—our amazing community. Recently, we conducted a survey to better understand why some of you were abandoning your shopping carts. The results were eye-opening and have led us to make some exciting changes to better serve you.


From the survey, we discovered two major reasons why many of you were not completing your purchases:

  1. Pricing Concerns: Many respondents felt that the price of our single size packs was a bit too high.
  2. Shipping Costs: The threshold for free shipping was another significant barrier, making it less appealing to complete orders.


We took this feedback to heart and are thrilled to announce some changes that we believe will make your shopping experience even better.

  • Price Reduction on Single Size Packs
  • We’ve reduced the price of our single size PuffCuff packs from $18 to $16. This means you can now enjoy the same high-quality hair accessory for less. Our goal is to make PuffCuff more accessible to everyone, helping you embrace and celebrate your natural hair without worrying about the cost.

  • Lower Free Shipping Threshold
  • We also lowered the threshold for free shipping on domestic orders from $40 to $30. This change means more savings for you and an easier shopping experience. Now, you can get your favorite PuffCuff products delivered to your doorstep with a lower minimum purchase requirement.


  • Listening to You
  • Your feedback is crucial to us. The survey results made it clear that pricing and shipping were significant hurdles. By addressing these issues, we hope to enhance your overall shopping experience and show that we value your input.

  • Promoting inclusivity by championing Self-Love and Acceptance
  • Our mission at PuffCuff has always been to champion self-love and self-acceptance. By making our products more affordable and accessible, we hope to empower more of you to embrace your natural beauty with confidence and pride.

  • Commitment to Quality and Value
  • Rest assured, even with these changes, we maintain the high quality you expect from PuffCuff. Our products will continue to offer the same durability, comfort, and innovative design that you love.


    With the new prices and lower shipping threshold, it’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorite PuffCuff products. Whether you're a new customer or a loyal fan, these changes are designed to make your experience better than ever.

    Thank You!

    Thank you for being part of the PuffCuff community and for your valuable feedback. We're excited about these changes and look forward to continuing to serve you with products that help you look and feel fabulous.

    Stay fabulous,

    Team PuffCuff 

    With these improvements, we aim to make the PuffCuff experience more enjoyable and accessible. Happy shopping! 🌟

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