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pro tip #1

Choose your PuffCuff size based on how much hair you want to keep gathered: go larger for more hair and smaller for less. Long hair? A small clamp might just fit all of it – long hair can be gathered into a small circle. While short hair should not. Get it?

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      TangleMaster® Detangling Brush
      Regular price $22.00 Sale price$17.00 Save 23%

      Member Price: $14.45

      PUFFCUFF 100% Boar Soft Smoothing Brush

      Member Price: $17.00

      EdgeMaster® 3-in-1 Edge Brush/Styling Tool
      Regular price $16.00 Sale price$6.40 Save 60%

      Member Price: $5.44

      TPC Brush Better Bundle

      Member Price: $29.75

      TPC Ball-tipped Mini Pick

      Member Price: $5.10