Product FAQ

Q: I had one of these when I was a kid. Is this the same thing?

No. The PuffCuff is not the same “pony comb” that many of us remember as a kid. The PuffCuff is similar in shape and concept, but it has major differences. The “pony comb” was intended to only be used on straight hair. Our ORIGINAL PuffCuff is 4 times the size of the “pony comb” so it can accommodate thick and curly hair. Additionally, the teeth of the PuffCuff are designed to lock into the texture or curl of your hair and not penetrate or cinch the hair. Lastly, the PuffCuff comes in various sizes and finishes to accommodate different hair textures and densities.

Q: How is this different from a banana clip?

The PuffCuff is very different from a banana clip. A banana clip cinches your hair to hold it in place. With the PuffCuff, you gather your hair first, clamp it closed and let your hair expand into the clamp. The PuffCuff’s teeth are designed to lock into the texture or curl of your hair and hold the clamp in place, NOT to glide through the hair like a comb or banana clip. While the concept may be similar to the old "banana clip,” the PuffCuff functions differently by working with the fullness of your hair instead of against it.

Q: Is PuffCuff really for thick hair?

Yes! Be sure to follow the HOW TO USE instructions by gathering your hair first and then securing the clamp at the base of your ponytail near the scalp. If you do not gather your hair first and try to glide it through your hair, the PuffCuff will not work properly.

Q: Why does my PuffCuff keep sliding out?

The PuffCuff is recommended for thick, dense, textured hair. If the clamp is sliding out it is either because your hair is too straight or not dense enough for that size. We suggest trying the next smaller size PuffCuff.

Q: Why won't PuffCuff close when I try to put it around my hair.?

Please make sure you are following the HOW TO USE directions that come with the clamp. If those directions are followed by gathering your hair first, closing the clamp around the gathered hair and then releasing the hair, the clamp should not be tight. Do NOT use the clamp to gather the hair because it will not work. It is not designed to be used that way. The teeth are not meant to glide through the hair.

Q: How can I get all my hair in the cuff? Should I use it on wet hair?

If your hair has extremely tight curls/coils and is shorter in length, it may be helpful to wet your hair first. Wetting your hair gives it elasticity, making your hair easier to gather.

Q: Which size PuffCuff is right for me?

Please visit our TAKE THE QUIZ page and check out our PONYTAIL TEST.

Q: Does the PuffCuff work with locs?

Yes. PuffCuff works for dreadlocks, sisterlocks, braids and twists.

Q: Does the PuffCuff work with short hair? How?

Yes. If you can gather your hair to make a ponytail, PuffCuff will work for you. Please TAKE THE QUIZ. Also, follow our Instagram and Facebook (@thepuffcuff) pages to see the many images of our fans and customers using the PuffCuff with different hair lengths and textures.

Q: Does the PuffCuff work with very long hair? Can you explain?

Yes. If you can gather your hair to make a ponytail, PuffCuff will work for you. Please TAKE THE QUIZ. Also, follow our Instagram and Facebook (@thepuffcuff) pages to see the many images of our fans and customers using the PuffCuff with different hair lengths.

Q: My child is very tender-headed. Will PuffCuff be gentle on her hair?

Yes, ma'am! The PuffCuff is gentle on all hair. the PuffCuff JUNIOR, MINI, MICRO, and TEENY are perfect for children because there is no tugging, pulling or tension put on the hair.

Q: I’ve heard PuffCuff is made of flimsy material. Is that true?

Much research has gone into the decision to use the lightweight high-impact plastic for our clamp. The clamp is not flexible on purpose. Anything that flexes, stretches or moves will cause friction on the hair which, in turn, will cause breakage.

Q: Do you offer online tutorials?

Yes. We host live broadcasts and a Live Q&A video broadcast with our founder on Zoom or Instagram. Please join our email list or follow us on social media for upcoming dates. We also have many demo videos of YouTube as well!

Q: Please explain the pricing structure of the PuffCuff products.

Much thought has gone into our pricing structure. The PuffCuff line of products are fairly and competitively priced with comparable products of the same quality. Plus, our products are Made in USA.

Q: Will you offer more sizes of PuffCuff?

Not at the present time. We currently off the PuffCuff in five sizes that, if used properly, should accommodate most needs.

Q: Will PuffCuff be offered in different colors?

No at this time. The PuffCuff is currently available in CLASSIC BLACK and CLEAR.

Q: Will PuffCuff be coming to neighborhood hair stores?

Yes. PuffCuff is available in all domestic and Canadian Sally Beauty stores. You can also find the PuffCuff online at and

Q: Does the PuffCuff cause headaches like other hair accessories?

No. Because PuffCuff is made of lightweight plastic and does not put inward pressure on your hair, it will NOT cause headaches.

Q: Can I sleep with the PuffCuff in my hair?

Yes. Many of our customers have reported that they fall asleep wearing their PuffCuffs. It doesn't squeeze your hair and it is lightweight, so it's easy to forget you’re wearing it.

Q: Can I get the PuffCuff wet?

Yes. The PuffCuff is nonporous and does not absorb sweat or hair product. You can easily wash your PuffCuff with soap and water.

Q: How long does the PuffCuff last?

A PuffCuff can last for years if used properly and not abused. PuffCuffs are also covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Q: What if the PuffCuff size I order doesn't fit me?

Please see Our Policies page to view our exchange and return instructions.

Q: What are different hairstyles that I can create with the PuffCuff?

All models you see on our site are everyday people with various hair types wearing PuffCuffs. Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to see many images of fans and customers wearing PuffCuffs with different hair types and lengths.