Sponsorships and Donations

PuffCuff is happy to support events and brands that align with our mission of providing superior quality experiences for those with thick, curly, textured hair. We receive a large number of requests for sponsorships and donations and while we would love to, we are not able to fulfill each request. Please review the following information while preparing to contact us for your event. 


  • No product sampling or gift bags. The use of PuffCuff is visual and the ideal audience must understand how to use it.
  • Sponsorships must increase brand visibility through the use of a large, third-party email database and social media channels. The email database must have at least 5000 niched subscribers. Social media channels must collectively reach at least 10,000.
  • If the sponsorship is for a live event, the event must give an opportunity for PuffCuff to allow a Local Ambassador to demonstrate the PuffCuff at the event. 


  • Allow us at least 120 days to consider any request for sponsorship, whether monetary or in-kind.
  • Compile demographic and event information including intended audience projected attendees and tallies of fans, followers and subscribers.
  • If you have a formal sponsor letter, media kit, or website, please include that data within the body of your request.
  • Share images of past events, and testimonials from attendees and other brand partners, if available.
  • Tell us how a partnership with us will benefit both PuffCuff and yourself. We value mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Contact us if you are looking for speakers, educators and PuffCuff representatives to be a part of your event programming or to provide commentary or content for your brand. 


  • Do not request large numbers of PuffCuff’s without a formal sponsorship letter outlining what is included in your sponsorship opportunity. Without this information, orders of 100 or more PuffCuff’s are to be processed through a Wholesale account.
  • Do not ask for products to review or giveaway on your blog. You MUST order your PuffCuff online. Then, within 7 days of receiving your order, complete your post, send us a link to it and invoice us for the cost of your PuffCuff and shipping expenses. We will reimburse you within 48 business hours. The only exception is if we specifically reach out to you to inquire about all marketing opportunities available with your brand.
  • Do not send unsolicited advertising packages. We are not considering purchasing advertising space at this time. 

Please email eugene@thepuffcuff.com if you require additional information.