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9 Hair Hacks for Naturally Curly Hair

Let’s face it, naturally curly hair is the best hair, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a walk in the park at least when it comes to maintenance. Whether you recently decided to embrace your curls, transitioned to your natural locks, or just need a few extra hair hacks, we’ve got you covered.


1. Sleep On Satin— Or Better Yet Silk

Cotton and curly are not friends. Curly hair is more susceptible to breakage and cotton can be a huge culprit. Cotton causes curly hair to break and snag, so there’s no reason to put your luscious locks through this kind of treatment. Instead, opt for satin or silk. There are endless benefits to sleeping on satin and silk bonnets—not to mention the added benefits that your hair can get from silk because it is a natural protein, it’s hypoallergenic, and it can help you stay cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months. If you’re not ready to switch to silk sheets, just consider purchasing a silk pillowcase or silk bonnet to sleep in. Your hair will thank you.


2. Deep Condition Weekly

Naturally curly hair has a tendency to lose moisture quickly. To keep your hair in the best state, aim to do a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment weekly. Natural hair desperately needs protein and moisture; and a deep conditioning treatment is the answer.

PuffCuff Hair Clamp is great to hold your hair up during your deep conditioning or hot oil treatment. PuffCuff does not absorb oils or hair products. Simply rinse PuffCuff after your treatment and reuse again and again and again.


3. Say No To Heat And Yes to Steam

Hopefully, you’re not already using heat regularly to style your hair and if you are stop. While some heat is OK, try to avoid becoming reliant on it. Why? More heat equals more breakage and split ends. Dryness and split ends are inevitable when you’re using too much heat. Do your hair a favor and say no to heat and say yes to steam. Another advantage of steam is that it gives you the ability to add moisture back into your hair without you having to soak it completely and ruin your stile. It also can enhance your curl pattern and promote more strength and elasticity in your curls.


4. Diffuse Dry, Don’t Blow Dry

All right curlies, it’s time to put down the heat, except if you use a diffuser that is. Unlike regular hair dryers, a diffuser disperses the heat throughout the hair. Meaning, rather than your curls looking like a hot mess they maintain their natural shape. Diffusers offer a safer way to add heat to your hair while still keeping your hair in its natural state, which in our book is always a win.


5. PuffCuff & Go

As a personal with naturally curly hair, you know firsthand just how much of a pain it can be trying to get your hair up. Sure, there are banana clips, elastic headbands, old stockings or shoestrings, but they never seem to hold your hair in place. They are constantly moving, which causes in friction on the hair strand. Friction equals breakage. However, there’s hope. PuffCuff is designed to grasp your hair and hold the style. Allowing you to create a painless and fashionable puff in minutes.



6. Swap Towels For Tees

While you may already know this, it’s too important not to mention again. Towels lead to frizz. While you may love your favorite bath towel, it could be causing that dreaded frizz you’ve been trying to avoid. Instead, consider opting for a t-shirt to dry your hair and enjoy the benefits of being frizz-free.


7. Roller Jaw Clamps and Hair Picks = Extra Lift

Tired of limp hair and no volume? If so, it’s time break out those hair clamps. Simply use the clamp to help lift your curls and add volume. While you can use any clamp, Roller Jaw Clamps tend to work best, they’re larger and sturdier than other clamps. Use hair picks to lift curls from the root to get more volume. WAIT! Don’t pull through to the ends. You’ll ruin the definition of your natural curl and get FRIZZ!


8. Say Goodbye To Regular Brushes

It’s time to say no to those fine-tooth combs and brushes that are destroying your hair. Instead, switch to a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush to comb your locks. Regular brushes are not a fro’s friend. Stick to wider combs and larger paddle brushes to keep your hair healthy and happy.


9. Embrace The Natural

Above all, embrace your locks. Curly-haired ladies rock, so flaunt what the good Lord gave you. Love your hair, regardless of texture, type, or length. After all, natural hair is beautiful. 

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9 Hair Hacks for Naturally Curly Hair