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Fans’ Choice: Top 10 Curly Hair Style Bloggers and Vloggers

While our Founder, Ceata Lash, gets in front of our fans every month on Periscope and offers different ways to create cool, unique styles with PuffCuff, we wanted to know who our fans’ go-to person is for curly hairstyles. We asked our fans across social media to share their favorite curly style experts, and here’s what they had to say:

DiscoveringNatural curly hair blogger

  1. Discovering Natural. Over on Facebook, Malaika A. Spratley says DiscoveringNatural and her lovely daughters are her main go-to for curly hairstyles. We went to check out the blog, and Wow! Not only does she offer great curly hair styles for adults and children, she also offers a wealth of other information for natural curlies!

    Curly Nikki fan fave blogger

  2. Curly Nikki. Sharon Tamika Ford shares that her go-to person for curly styles is Curly Nikki. Curly Nikki is a psychotherapist who uses her experience in helping women repair their self-image to embrace natural curly styles. Her site tagline is “Life & Hair Therapy”. She’s been around for a long time and is very well-known in the natural hair community. Her advice for women with naturally curly hair is often well received and highly visible.

    Afrobella fan favorite blogger

  3. Afrobella. Amilah Leshem shares that she goes to Afrobella for her curly hair styles. Afrobella – the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging – is Trinidadian-born writer Patrice Grell Yursik who celebrates the “inner and outer beauty of women of all shades of beautiful.” She’s been a contributor to a variety of magazines, radio shows, has made appearances on the red carpet and has presented keynotes at a variety of events. On her blog, Afrobella offers a variety of natural haircare advice and unique styles.

    Mahogany Curls PuffCuff fan favorite

  4. MahoganyCurls. Natural hair with flair! This YouTube channel is another of our fans’ go-to vloggers. Shared by PuffCuff fan Sonja Witherspoon-Walton, MahoganyCurls has wide presence around the web, offering her viewers and fans a variety of natural, curly styles. She is a writer for Essence magazine, and shares a lot of her advice and beautiful curly styles there too.

    Glamazini PuffCuff fan fave vlogger

  5. Glamazini. Melissa Henley Lewis says her go-to person for curly hair styles is Glamazini a.k.a. Roshini Cope. Glamazini is a natural hair advocate blogger and vlogger who shares some beautiful curly hair styles on her YouTube channel. If you’re looking for some great tips on natural curly styles, head over to her vlog and check it out!

    Simply Cre8eve fan fave curly hair blogger

  6. SimplyCre8eve. Ash_sa – Ashni Franklin-Smith – says her go-to vlogger is @simplycre8eve, who offers creative yet simple ways to pull together a great curly style! She offers styles for men and women on her vlog and can be found around the web!

    Journey to Waist Length fave fan blogger

  7. Journeytowaistlength. Dasha Jordan a.k.a @_gorgeousishername_ says her go-to curly style fashionista is Healthy Hair Journey vlogger @_journeytowaistlength! Hailing from Toronto, Canada, she promotes natural beauty and hairstyles. Check out her YouTube channel for awesome tips and tricks for naturally curly hair!

    Charee fave fan blogger

  8. Charee. PuffCuff fan @pardon_my_typos, Ty, gave us her top two go-to ladies for curly styles! The first lady @manely_kita is a Brand Ambassador for The Mane Choice hair products, and her Instagram is loaded with awesome style and product tips! Her second go-to curly hair stylist is Charee @naturallycharee, an artist, painter and natural hair advocate! Her YouTube channel offers some great tips and tricks for achieving great naturally curly styles!

    Hazel Goddess fave fan blogger/vlogger

  9. Hazel Goddess. Cynthia Hooper @min_cynthia says that her go-to curly style expert is Hazel Goddess @hazel_goddess, who’s a brand ambassador for Natural Girls Rock and hails out of Seattle, Washington. Her YouTube channel offers great hair tutorials and tips for embracing your natural curls!

    Etc Blog Mag Yolanda Renee curly hair blogger fan fave

  10. Etc Blog Mag. @msprincess4real Princess says her go-to vlogger is Yolanda Renee, Content Creator of Etc Blog Mag. Her Instagram account offers some great photos of lovely curlies, but you can find a wealth of information about styling your natural curls on her YouTube vlog.

    DailyCurlz fan favorite blogger

  11. DailyCurlz. Jennifer Stephens @dr_puffcuff_collections has 2 go-to ladies for her curly styles and natural haircare tips. First off – DailyCurlz, operated by Dominican-born Daily, offers a variety of curly hair tips, tricks and reasons to love your natural curls! If you’re looking for inspiration to wear your beautiful curls naturally or you need a few tricks to keep your curls perfectly bouncy, head over to her site!

    Rock yo Rizos Mel Burgos hair blogger fan fave

  12. Rock Yo Rizos. Jennifer Stephens @dr_puffcuff_collections’ second favorite (though certainly not to be understated) go-to lady on the web is Mel Burgos @rock_yo_rizos. A Bronx native living in Washington, DC, Mel Burgos created Rock Yo Rizos to empower women to wear their natural curls. Check out her blog and Instagram handle for inspiration!

    Ouidad Curl Talk go-to curly hair blog

  13. Curl Talk. Brought to you by the name in curly hair style – the “Queen of Curl” Ouidad – Curl Talk offers a variety of styling tips and tricks to achieve your favorite naturally curly styles! PuffCuff Marketing Director Sonja Crystal Williams’ top pick, Ouidad’s Curl Talk is a great place to find the latest red carpet trends and how to achieve them!

    Curly Buzz social curly network fan favorite

  14. Curly Buzz. Are you looking to share your curly hair stories and tutorials? Curly Buzz – created by DevaCurl – is a great place to start! This social community brings naturally curlies together to swap tips, tricks and empowering stories about living a natural, curly lifestyle!

    Curl on a Mission Thais fan favorite curly blog

  15. Curl on a Mission. Hailing from “the beautifully flawed city of New Orleans, LA,” Thaïs created Curl on a Mission to share how she keeps her curly locks (though sometimes colored, straightened and cut) rocking! As a content marketer and writer, Thaïs her experiences are lively and fun to read. Check out her product reviews and try some of her tips to liven up your naturally beautiful curls!

Now that you’ve got our fans’ choices for social media’s most popular go-to for naturally curly hair, we’d love to hear what you think! After you check out their vlogs and blogs, share your videos and photos after trying a tutorial or a new tip on your beautiful, natural curls and be sure to use a PuffCuff when you do it!

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Fans’ Choice: Top 10 Curly Hair Style Bloggers and Vloggers