Here's How You Can Make A Difference #BlackLivesMatter

As a Black-owned business with a platform, it is our responsibility to help amplify the various organizations, funds, and petitions that work to help bring justice to victims of police brutality while also holding government officials accountable through our power to vote. In addition to donating $1 to the memorial funds of those recently killed by police for each person who completes our One Vote = One Dollar poll, we also encourage our followers to petition or donate to organizations seeking justice for victims of racism and police brutality.

The nation has been swept by anti-racism protests following the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police on May 25th, which has gained attention and support from countless countries across the world. As the protests continue to see momentum, they have gained the support of numerous countries, a growing list which includes Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Berlin, Spain, London, Nigeria, Kenya, Tel Aviv, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. We are encouraging our supporters to continue the momentum by voting and holding police and government officials accountable for their actions by using our voices and votes to ultimately restructure the institution that has failed Black America.

[Map of protests in solidarity with George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, provided by Al Jazeera]


The following link will lead you to a master list of resources and organizations where you can find petitions, information on where to donate to support the families of victims, resources for those protesting or those in need of mental health services, and more.

Most importantly, we encourage our followers to vote. Systemic changes are brought by a variety of movements, and voting is one of the greatest tools that we have as citizens to remove those who fail to protect us through legislation. Our voting power is so strong, that disenfranchisement has become a method used to discourage and defeat our power. As we see the rise of Black leaders who have been voted in through the power of our voices it is clear that we can make a change on all levels, from federal to local elections. 

For more information on how you can get involved and what elections are happening near you, visit For those seeking to register to vote or want more information on how to make your voice heard, find more information at Vote.Org.




Mapping Anti-Racist Solidarity Protests Around The World - Al Jazeera

Mapping of Police Killings of Black Americans - Al Jazeera 

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