Hey Did You Know, Men Dig PuffCuff Too!

It’s no secret that PuffCuff is loved by women all over the world. From the loosest wave to the tightest coil, so many women have embraced the only hair clamp for curly, thick or textured hair. Post after post, our fans note how easy the PuffCuff is to use and how relieved they are to not have headaches. We were pleased to learn that we have male fans who share those sentiments. THAT’S RIGHT, MEN DIG PUFFCUFF TOO!

Angel Roma


We came across fan fave and curly blogger, ANGEL ROMA (@jibaroboricua) organically as he posted his love for his recently purchased PuffCuff on Instagram a few months back. His enthusiasm was infectious as he raved in many snaps about how he used his PuffCuff and how it changed his life. With tons and tons of curly tresses, it can be safely assumed that he’s tried almost everything in and for his hair. 

He has at least twice as much hair as the average person; curly or otherwise. Angel showed his astonishing hair styled with the PuffCuff in a pineapple for bed, double puffs for the gym, even a top knot as he was deep conditioning. He wrote under a photo using the PuffCuff Original that he appreciates that it doesn’t cause breakage and that it’s gentle on his edges. Whenever he isn’t wearing his hair down, the PuffCuff is his go-to.






Another fan fave, curly hair enthusiast JORDAN WELCH aka Jomi (@jomicurls) posted rocking his PuffCuff, mainly focusing on how he uses it to preserve his day two curls. Wearing a wash-and-go can mean marvelous hair on day one and looking like a ball of frizz by day two.

A proper pineapple at night can make the difference between curls that look good for the majority of the week or having to start over mid-week. The PuffCuff does not put a dent in the hair the way elastic bands do. Jomi was able to remove his PuffCuff, spray his curls, shake and go. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.







YouTube vlogger DAWAN PEARSON (@curlyguy13) says that he “revolutionized” his high puff with the PuffCuff Original. The price point can be an issue for some, but elastic bands stretch and break all of the time, requiring constant replacements.

With a B.S in Exercise Science, Dawan is serious about staying fit and maintaining complete health and wellness. Working out while wearing the PuffCuff is a no-brainer for him. It's comfortable, so it doesn't distract from his fitness regiment. Not to mention PuffCuff does not absorb sweat, hair product or germs. The PuffCuff can be washed or wiped down with alcohol and is sure to last you for years to come.


So, whether you’re a woman or man; if you have textured hair, PuffCuff has you covered. It is a product that works great to keep your curls up and out of your face without adding any unnecessary tension that causes breakage. Remember, it works excellent for locs, twists and braids. Do the men in your life a favor and help them #DitchTheBand. They will surely thank you!

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  • Liz Hayter

    How can I purchase a puffcuff? Is it available on Amazon 🤷🏾‍♀️

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