Social pressures and beauty standards have long favored straight hair. Deeming curly hair to be wild and unruly. Still, the biggest influences in a young person's life are their parents. Parents are the real gatekeepers of beauty, especially mothers. Studies show that the mother-daughter relationship is the most influential for a young girl’s self-esteem.

In the African American community phrases like “good hair” are commonly used. Easy to manage and a virtually straight hair texture are key factors for having “good hair”. Which implies that kinky and curly hair is bad. Just because something is difficult to manage doesn’t make it bad. But sometimes life happens and you just want to press the “Easy” button. The good news is the PuffCuff helps make it easier.

We’re not oblivious to the struggle of curly hair care, especially when the texture of your child’s hair is different from yours. We’ve spoken with parents about how they deal with that in a previous post. Not all hair products are created equal and even curly hair products can be hit and miss. Finding the right ways to keep hair healthy and hydrated is key. These are the things that drove us to create the PuffCuff. Unlike hair ties, it doesn’t put stress on the hair or cause pain. Both of which can lead to hair loss.

It’s important not to create a dynamic where your child is only hearing about the negative and frustrating aspects of their hair. Because that creates an association that their hair is bad and frustrating. There’s no better feeling than receiving positive encouragement. We especially love feedback from our customers. The people living with our product. The PuffCuff is such a tool that it empowers our younger clients to use it themselves.

Videos like this one from the Today Show prove that moms are having the complicated conversations with their children and beginning to changing the beauty standards. The truth is, it will take some time to change society’s beauty standard. But, the best part is, you can start at home and PuffCuff is here to help. We’ve listened to you and have created one of the best hair products for curly hair. The PuffCuff comes in a variety of sizes and is a tool that will help manage curls of any length or texture.

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Ty Smith

May 26, 2018

Could you please do me a kindness and email me regarding my PuffCuff item, thank you!


June 01, 2018

I am 40: I grew up with Saturday mornings sitting next to the stove crying while Mom pressed my hair. I grew up with “sleep cute” and “don’t sweat.” I emancipated myself in college, finally negotiated hair peace with my mom, and have been perm free for many years. I am so thrilled to see a new generation of girls growing up with natural hair products, role models, and above all, positive support!


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