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Textured Hair Styling Tips: Styling Your Curls with the PuffCuff

Ok, so you’ve got your PuffCuff and now you’re trying to figure out what to do with it. The high puff or ponytail is the obvious look, but there’s an infinite number of styles and possibilities that will allow you to come up with a variation of styles that range from fun to professional.

We searched far and wide to find some of the most practical, every day styles that we’ve seen PuffCuff fans wear.

One of the advantages to our design is that it’s so much easier to secure and style voluminous, thick hair. When you use the PuffCuff for styling, you can create gorgeous buns, afro puffs, side buns, and variations of them. As we like to say, all you have to do is just Gather It, PuffCuff It and Go!

So, here are three styles that some of our fans have used to style their hair and here’s what they have to say about it.

Style 1: The Twistout

“I find that an old twistout usually makes a great puff, so I decided to use mine on stretched hair. I loved how easy it was to use, and in fact, the puff became my ‘Go To’ hairstyle for the next fortnight as a result.” -4ChairChick, Guest Contributor Crystal


How to Achieve This Look:

The style is really simple and easy to do. Start by pulling your hair back into one and attach your cuff at the base of your gathered hair. Push the teeth in just a bit for more security and then secure the cuff and let your hair go! You can tug on the ends of your hair a bit to loosen your curl.

Style 2: The Puff and Bang 

“I was sent this new hot item, the puff cuff to review for you ladies, and share my honest opinion. I really love it and it’s easy to use!” - Crystal Michelle


How to Achieve This Look:

The best time to create your puff is just after washing your hair. Start by separating part of your hair in the front for your bang and gather the rest of your hair on top of your head. Attach your PuffCuff at the base of your hair, secure it and let it go! If your hair is super curly, add a few bobby pins to the top of your bang to secure it lower on your head.

Style 3: The High Bun and Side Ponytail 

“The best part is the Puff Cuff hair clamp is never too tight. It also creates the illusion of fuller natural hair. Since I got it, I really love how I can enjoy more lazy hair days without people actually knowing it.” – Fine Natural Hair and Faith, Michelle


How to Achieve This Look:

For the side ponytail, just smooth your hair to the side and secure your cuff around your hair. For the high bun, gather your hair to the top of your hair and separate your hair into four sections. Twist each section and tuck it under your cuff. The cuff sits lose enough to tuck your hair under it without using bobby pins.

More Styling Tips

Our fans find that PuffCuff styles are easier managed right after washing your hair. But who’s to say you can’t get your hair gathered up on a bad hair day, too? You can always dampen your hair or spritz it with water to style it.

When you get ready to style your hair, start by spritzing your hair with water. From years of using this product, we’ve also found that you might consider adding some type of oil or leave-in conditioner to your hair for extra moisture before you attempt to style it. Styling products can range from olive oil, shea butter, or coconut oil….it's really up to you! Some people even use gel so pull back and smooth their edges. If you want slick edges and a wavier look as you pull back your hair, then use a natural bristle brush to gather your hair before inserting the PuffCuff.

More Styles

Here are some other styles you can achieve using your PuffCuff. Which of these is your favorite? 


What styles have you created with your PuffCuff? Send photos to and we’ll feature them in an upcoming article or on social media.

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Textured Hair Styling Tips: Styling Your Curls with the PuffCuff