The Hair Emergency Kit Every Curly Girl Needs in her Locker


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For all you Moms with curly-headed daughters, if you haven’t been getting into back to school mode yet, you definitely will as the summer time starts to wind down. That means early mornings, laying out your curly girl’s first day outfit a hundred times, and making sure her locker and bag is fully stocked with everything she may need while away from home or her dorm room. One of the least thought about but most important bag necessities is the hair emergency kit.

For Curly Girls in High School and College

Every person with curly hair knows how unpredictable it can be. You can easily leave your home for the school day with perfectly coiled curls and, by the time you actually get there, look like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket. This, despite the types of products you use and the amount of time you spend primping your curls, is just the nature of curly hair. So, how can you protect your style from turning into a frizzy, hot mess while you’re too far from home to do anything about it?

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This is where your hair emergency kit comes in. Essentially, this is a simple, small kit that includes on the go versions of your favorite hair products for you to use when you’re in a bind. Every kit is going to be different depending on your own personal hair needs and the products you like the most. This is how you put your kit together:

Find the perfect sized container, pouch, or tin

The key to the perfect hair emergency kit is finding a container or pouch that fits seamlessly in your bag or locker. If you are including small pieces like bobby pins and hair ties, a small repurposed mints container would work great. You can just toss it in your bag and refill as needed. The truth is though, most curly haired people need more than a few bobby pins and hair ties to salvage a frizzed up puff ball. Medium sized fabric pouches are the perfect size to slip in travel sized products, a mini brush, and bobby pins.

Where to store your hair emergency kit

Since hair emergencies only happen at the most inconvenient of times like when you’re in class or the period after gym, it would be best to keep your kit within immediate reach. Places like your locker, backpack, or purse that you can easily access.

What to include in your kit

Easily the most important aspect, what you include in your hair emergency kit can be the difference between salvaging a hot mess or just dealing with it until you get home. But, how do you customize your personal hair emergency kit? For starters, think about your hair type and the issues you usually deal with. If you have a tightly coiled, kinky texture that tends to turn into a crazy puffball when the humidity is high, something to pull your hair back and smoothing moisturizer is necessary. Or maybe your curls are looser and get frizzy and dry after running a few laps in gym class. Only you know your hair type and the issues that come along with it.

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A good place to start when putting together your kit is with the basics. First, you will definitely need bobby pins. Just a small amount of bobby pins can transform frizz into fab. A mini brush and Puff Cuff Hair Clamp is perfect for when you need to toss your curls into a super quick but super cute updo. Puff Cuff Hair Clamps are available in 3 sizes to suit all types of curls, coils, and kinks. Throw in a moisture booster like a mini spray bottle of water or a travel sized hair moisturizer. Finally, a small container of gel or moulding pomade is essential for smoothing frizz, redefining curls, and restyling your hair.

Your hair emergency kit is definitely great for fixing your hair when you’re in a tight situation but it is also great for taking your hair from day to night. If you’ve spent the entire day with a wild 3 day braid out but have plans for the evening and no time to run home, you can use the spray bottle, mini brush, and PuffCuff to create a sleek, pulled up do. Whether it’s re-styling between classes or getting ready for a Friday night with your friends, your hair emergency kit will have your back

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