Top 3 Highlights From Our Appearance On the Tamron Hall Show

The PuffCuff made our first television debut of the year last month when Founder Ceata E. Lash traveled all the way to the Big Apple to represent the brand on ABC’s, The Tamron Hall Show. This nationally syndicated daytime talk show is a space for viewers to “connect with the people who are shaping our world.” We were featured on a recurring show segment titled “Shop Tam Fam,” where host Tamron Hall selects brands and products that she loves and shares them with her audience. 

We’re proud to say that The PuffCuff was at the top of her list. Here are the top 3 highlights from that day. 

We Got a Behind-The-Scenes Peek 

Before all of the lights, cameras, and action, Ceata had the chance to explore the set and backstage of the show. She was graciously greeted by the show’s staff and made to feel right at home, with VIP treatment from the moment she stepped onto the set. She even got to meet the other entrepreneurs that were featured on the show. 

“My anxiety is usually pretty bad, but being there was so comfortable. I felt like I was visiting family.” -Ceata

Our Founder Was Recognized for Being a True Trailblazer 

Tamron Hall opened the segment by introducing not only the PuffCuff products but by giving a personal shout-out to Ceata, recognizing her for being the first black woman to have 4 patents in her industry.  After announcing this honor to the crowd, the camera pans to the front row where Ceata can be seen beaming with pride while the audience applauds her accomplishment. This was truly a heartwarming moment for Ceata since she has been a fan of Tamron Hall for a long time. 

“I’ve been a fan of Tamron Hall since she was a morning reporter on Fox News in Chicago. I was so proud to see her come full circle and have her own talk show, and to be able to be on the show was such an amazing experience.”  -Ceata

 We Found Out Which PuffCuff Product is Tamron Hall’s Ultimate Favorite 

The show featured an array of PuffCuff products, displaying not only the original PuffCuff but also our Laayed styling products and tools. The audience found out just how much Tameron loves the brand when she revealed that she and her son have a nightly “battle over the bonnet.” Apparently, he loves our 100% Silk Bonnet just as much as she does, sparking a battle over who gets to wear it to bed each night.

There you have it, the top 3 highlights from our feature on the Tamron Hall Show. Be sure to follow us on social media for the behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, and head over to the Shop Tam Fam website for an exclusive offer.

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