21 Things you didn't know about your hair

Gentlemen, have you ever paused for a moment amidst the hustle of your day and just admired that rugged reflection staring back at you? It's more than just the chiseled jawline or the threads you wear. That mane on top is a testament to your journey and your history, packed with tales of resilience, style, and swagger. But beyond the aesthetics, there's a world of hair science, history, and cool trivia waiting to be unraveled. Ready to dive deep and discover more about your locks? Let's roll.

  1. Warrior Braids: Those action-packed movies showing rugged warriors with braided hair? There are historical truths there. Spartans, Vikings, and other ancient badasses rocked those braids with pride. It was a sign of their unyielding strength and unapologetic attitude. Your braided look? It's been battle-tested for centuries.
  2. Rapid Growth: Aim to rival Thor's legendary locks? Here’s some good news. Your hair is on a mission, growing faster than most tissues in your body. All it might need is a bit of worthy care.
  3. Tougher Than You Think: Think your biceps are strong? A single hair strand on your head could hold the weight of a small chocolate bar. Imagine, if all your hair teamed up, you'd be holding up a couple of grand pianos with ease.
  4. What Makes It Tick: Keratin's the name of the game. It's what your hair's made of, and it's built tough. This little compound, packed with elements like carbon and nitrogen, gives your mane its robust nature.
  5. Lifespan of a Strand: A hair strand is like that best mate who sticks with you through thick and thin. On average, they’re in it for the long haul, hanging out for 2 to 7 years.
  6. Seasonal Spurts: Noticed that summer beard game coming in strong? Sun’s out, hairs out. Hair tends to grow faster when the temperatures rise, making summer your mane’s playground.
  7. Follicle Dynamics: It's not just about the hair you see. Beneath the surface, each hair follicle is prepping up, ready to roll out about 20 new strands over its lifetime. Your scalp’s working overtime, bro.
  8. Coil Power: Black hair, with its unique coil pattern, is a marvel in hair architecture. The coiled structure can make black hair appear shorter than it is - a phenomenon known as 'shrinkage.' This is a natural trait, but the true length is revealed when the hair is stretched out.
  9. Nightly Boost: Think your hair’s taking a snooze at night? Think again. While you’re dreaming of that next beach vacay, your hair might be putting in some overtime, growing just a tad faster.
  10. Natural Hair Movement: While hair relaxers and chemical treatments were once the go-to for many men looking for a sleek, straight-haired look, the past decades have seen a resurgence in the appreciation of natural black hair. From afros to dreadlocks, to intricate braided designs, men are embracing and celebrating their natural hair textures now more than ever.
  11. Why We Get Goosebumps: You know that rush when the drop in your favorite track hits? Your hair feels it too. Those goosebumps? It’s your hair's roots, vibing to the beat.
  12. Trimming Myths Debunked: A regular trim keeps things neat, but it's not upping your growth game. It's about maintaining that mane, not hitting fast-forward on growth.
  13. Growth Stats: While you're hitting the gym or closing that deal, about 90% of your hair is on a growth spurt, with the rest chilling out, rejuvenating for their next phase.
  14. From Canvas to Hair: Back in the day, artists weren’t just painting masterpieces; their brushes were crafted from human hair. That smooth stroke in a Da Vinci? That might've been a strand from a dude with great hair.
  15. The Gray Hair Gene: Rocking those silver fox vibes? It’s not just age playing its part. Your genes have a say in when you’ll be seeing those grays. Embrace it, or color it - your call.
  16. Hair Detective: Think your hair's just hanging there? Nah, it’s holding secrets. From what you ate last week to the environments you've been chilling in, it's a chronicle of your recent past.
  17. The Testosterone-Hair Connection: You ever hear someone attribute a thick beard or dense body hair to high testosterone levels? Well, there's some science to back it up. Testosterone, particularly its derivative dihydrotestosterone (DHT), plays a significant role in male hair growth. Men with higher DHT levels might experience faster body and facial hair growth, but ironically, it's the same hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. So, while you might be sporting a full beard thanks to DHT, it might also be the reason you're finding more hairs on your comb. Keeping a balanced diet, managing stress, and using specific hair care products can help maintain a healthy hair growth cycle.
  18. Power and Status: Through the ages, long hair on a man wasn’t just a style – it was a statement. Power, wisdom, status – all symbolized by a flowing mane. From Samson's strength to philosophers debating in ancient squares, long hair was more than just a look.
  19. Edge-ups and Tapers: Many black men opt for edge-ups, tapers, and fades when they visit the barbershop. These styles aren't just about looking sharp; they have deep cultural roots. An edge-up, for instance, gives a clean finish to natural hairstyles, ensuring the hairline is straight and neat. The taper and fade, on the other hand, gradually lessen the hair length down the sides and back, creating a seamless transition from hair to skin. These styles not only exude confidence and style but also pay homage to decades of black grooming traditions.
  20. Mammals and Hair: We've got something in common with every mammal on this planet – hair. From a dude growing out his beard to a cheetah sporting its sleek coat, hair is our shared bond.
  21. Mind Over Mane: Your mindset impacts your mane. Stress, anxiety, and mental health directly influence hair health. Those challenges with hair thinning or loss? It's not just about external factors. Taking care of your mind is taking care of your hair.

Brothers, understanding and celebrating our hair isn't just about the latest styles or grooming routines; it's about embracing our rich heritage and the unique DNA that courses through us. From the curl of our coils to the tales of our tapers, black hair tells a story of strength, culture, and undeniable beauty. So, next time you look in the mirror, know that your hair is more than just a style statement. It's a testament to generations of resilience, pride, and unity. Here's to rocking our crowns with the reverence they deserve.