PuffCuff Male Sponsors the Krimson Community Foundation Golf Tournament

The Krimson Community Foundation (KCF) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2001 for the purpose of supporting young African-American boys in grades 4-12. The organization helps young men in the Greater Atlanta Area to reach their highest potential and enhance their lives through scholarship and mentorship programs. Participants in the KCF programs engage in leadership development, community service opportunities as well as academic enrichment.

The KCF hosts various fundraisers and events throughout the year in order to raise money and generate support for the young men that benefit from the organization's programs. One of these events is the annual KCF Golf Tournament, which will be hosted at The Fairways of Canton Golf Club in Canton, GA. In addition to raising money for the community foundation, the golf tournament also serves as a tremendous opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Sponsors donate to the organization in exchange for the opportunity to not only support a worthy cause but also showcase their products and services.

At the tournament, PCM will be launching The Moistchä Line's New Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Attendees of the KCF Golf Tournament will be the first to experience The Moistchä Rich Cleansing Shampoo and Moistchä Seal Cream Conditioner, the latest additions to the Puff Cuff Male Moistchä product line. This new shampoo and conditioner are specifically formulated with a combination of natural ingredients to give your hair and beard the moisture and shine they deserve.  

The Moistchä Rich Cleansing Shampoo contains Aloe Vera juice, Green Tea extract, and Bamboo extract to stimulate growth and add a natural luster. The natural ingredients leave your hair clean and fresh without stripping it of its natural oils. 

The Moistchä Seal Cream Conditioner boasts a blend of nourishing ingredients including Baobab and Jojoba oils.  It will give your hair the shine and moisture you crave without the greasy residue, and unlike other conditioners on the market today, this formula does not contain any artificial fragrances or colorants - nothing but pure goodness!

The event will be held at Fairways of Canton Golf Club in Canton, GA on Saturday, May 21st. Registration starts at 7 am with tee-off at 8 am.

We are honored to be able to support The Krimson Community Foundation and the life-changing work they are doing for the boys and young men in the Atlanta area. If you'd like to check out this awesome event in person and support a great cause, please visit the KCF Tournament registration page here.

Be one of the first to shop the upgraded Moistchä line. The shampoo and conditioner will be available at The Krimson Community Foundation's golf tournament as well as online at ThePCMale.com.