Seven Habits To Keep Beards Right & Tight

This is Adrian Knight, a hard-working family man. Adrian is PuffCuff LLC’s warehouse manager. Around here, he’s known as the “Space Creator.”

The dude is also known for his enviable beard. And as the man responsible for getting PuffCuff Male products into customers' hands as quickly as possible, Adrian understands that when a man needs his favorite beard oil, he needs it. 

Because our man doesn’t just talk the talk, he lives the Man-Rockin'-A-Beard lifestyle. He treats that facial hair the way a beard wants to be treated. 

  • Every morning in the shower, the beard is washed and conditioned. 
  • It gets dried. 
  • Then it’s over to the mirror for a shape-up. 

This is where we insert the montage of Adrian making sure to Moistcharize, comb, and brush through his beard, ending with an affectionate kiss for his wife and each daughter before he heads out to conquer the world.

Don't make your beard beg you for that kind of attention—give it the love it deserves, bruh. 

And you know beards are back with a vengeance, right? Okay then. 

Here’s how to empower your beard to live its best life:

1- Use beard oil. Beard oil is made to keep facial hair and the skin underneath it moisturized. Apply a few drops of beard oil to your fingertips and massage it into your beard and the skin underneath. This will help to nourish and moisturize your beard while also promoting healthy growth.

2- Wash your beard regularly: Regular washing with a gentle beard shampoo or conditioner can help to remove dirt, oil, and buildup that can cause dryness and irritation. It is important to avoid harsh, traditional shampoos that can strip your beard of its natural oils.

3- Use a beard balm:  balm is a leave-in conditioner that can help to lock in moisture and protect your beard from environmental factors. Use a small amount of beard balm after applying beard oil to keep your beard soft, shiny, and hydrated.

4- Brush or comb your beard regularly: Brushing or combing your beard regularly can help to distribute natural oils and prevent dryness. Use a boar bristle brush or a wooden comb to avoid causing damage to your beard.

5- Protect it from the elements: Extreme heat or cold, wind, and dry air can all cause your beard to become dry and brittle. Protect your beard by wearing a scarf or beard balaclava in cold weather, and avoid spending too much time in the sun or wind. 

6- Give your beard the beard-bonnet advantage. A beard bonnet is a type of accessory that is designed to protect and maintain the health of a beard. Here are some of the benefits of using a beard bonnet:

  • Prevents beard hair breakage: Wearing a beard bonnet can help to protect your beard from breakage caused by rubbing against clothing, pillows, or other objects.
  • Keeps beard clean: A beard bonnet can help to keep your beard clean and free from dust, dirt, and other pollutants that can cause irritation and dryness.
  • Provides protection from extreme weather conditions: A beard bonnet can help to protect your beard from extreme temperatures, wind, and sun damage, which can all cause dryness and damage to your beard.
  • Overall, using a beard bonnet can help to maintain the health and appearance of your beard, while also providing protection from external factors that can cause damage.

Bedtime Facial Hair Protection Guard

7- Don’t skimp on the monthly trim.  And make sure you own a pair of clippers so that bro at the barber shop won’t charge you an extra $10 for the shape-up.

This is Adrian, and his advice for this specific rite of passage for men is to be patient. Be consistent. And be aware that the process of growing and maintaining a beard is a long one.