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Locs refer to hair twisted and matted together to create rope-like strands. Locs have become popular in the street style scene, on social media, and in entertainment. Sharp lines, tight locs, creative updos, and undercuts are only a few ways to style this versatile hair type.

Locs are formed by braiding, twisting, or palm rolling. There are five loc growth stages: the starter/budding stage, teen stage, mature stage, and rooted stage. Once your locs have matured, they will begin to form those signature rope-like strands. Whether your locs are retwisted every month, or you've never gotten a touch-up in your life, locs can still be properly styled and healthily maintained with PuffCuff Male.


Loc formulated Shampoo when hair feels oily, looks dry, has buildup, dandruff, or has begun to smell.


Moisturize your scalp with our Moistchä Seal Beard Oil to prevent dryness and irritation.


Keep up with loc maintenance using products like our Loc Enhänsä to extend style, add sheen, softness & moisture.

"More than half (53%) of men said they want to overcome and embrace their insecurities, but don’t know where to start. In good news though, 54% have already started their journey."*

*Survey commissioned by GAINSWave, conducted by OnePoll.


Many men with locs, including Future, Matthew A Cherry, Luka Sabat, Zachary Kiesch. Locs have become widely accepted and can be seen in the office and on the red carpet.






Locs are ever increasing in popularity. Growing locs require time and patience, but the payoff is well worth it! You can try various loc'd styles, including braided locs, crinkle, or wavy locs, and combine with an undercut or cornrows.


""I use it for my refreshes and it lasts for about a week and a half! Really impressed! Other products only last a few days before my hair starts to come out. Great length retention, no shrinkage.""


- Kevin J.
Loc Enhänsä

"I am a 35+ year old male with 'locs I that go down my back. Due to inflexibility in my left shoulder, among other things, I desired a product that would allow me to easily make buns or ponytails. I envisioned a banana comb-like product but never saw one for me, until recently. WOW! I am amazed at how easy the product is to use. Moreover, how it holds my hair in place without pulling. The lifetime warranty made the purchase a no-brainer.


- Coy
   The PuffCuff

"It helps against breakage and fuzz when I sleep. I don't get hot at night because the material breathes well. Plus, it looks like a beanie so sometimes I wear it out when I don't want to do anything to my hair."


- Harold C.
100% Bamboo Sleep HIMCap