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For the working Man who wrks hard

This item is perfect for keeping my lock in place while I work. I work in maintenance and am constantly crawling underneath sinks and having to lift item and this product helps keep my hair out of my face and caught on random objects

I have loved this mist since my first order (2 years ago).

Refreshing moisture for the hair and deliciously, refreshing scent for the spirit.

Review posted 11/10/2021

Reference: 11/10/2021 LAAAYED™ Argan Oil Styling GelCurlee Girlee
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Love them

Bothe the jr and biggest one work for me. I broke one in the past and received a replacement but had all of the order information available. My jr just broke and i was waiting on a response but all of a sudden received an email for a puffcuff order. Thanks for sending me a replacement withoutmakingme jump through hoops. I was literally scrounging trying to find the info but wasn't able. I think the hinge screw needs to be a tad bit longer istead of flush or at least some stoppage pronges. To the owner: abs is strong but something is telling me that during production they're mixing a different material in there which can compromise the durability of abs causing a design flaw.

Wait till the product is delivered before asking for a review

The Best

I love my puffcuff. I have long dread locs and the puffcuff works perfectly for my hair. Unlike hair elastics or rubber bands, it does not cause tension to my hair. Also, I love the lifetime free replacement if it breaks.

Love my Puff Cuffs…I use them on my 4 year old granddaughter’s hair as well as my own. She loves her puffs!!

Awesome product


LAAAYED® Silky Smooth Curl Defining Mousse

Love it!

I'm satisfied with the product. Thank you.

I LOVE the comfy fabric and great fit!

The hoodie's message is my mantra: "I Support Black Businesses"! My hoodie is so soft and warming that I fell asleep in it after I washed it! A great companion in my drafty office. And my 1X hugs and covers my curves perfectly in a fabric that breathes. Yet another high-quality product from the Puff Cuff brand! Get you a hoodie, y'all!!

It doesn't fit I need a smaller size not sure what size I need I have real thick coily short hair

Love My PuffCuff

Thanks for honoring your lifetime guarantee!

Super Defined/Soft Velvety Braid Out! Thank You

The Velvet Soufflé Cream Moisturizer is AHHHHMAZING…but we need a moment to talk about the delicious smell…yet we can’t get over it’s for hair… it’s so addictive! A little of both the soufflé and the pomade seem to go a long way and keep hair super defined and moisturized for days without needing to reapply. I love being complimented on my curls and how good my hair smells!

Love it!

My daughters love their puff cuff!

PuffCuff perfect size

I got the junior puffcuff and it is the perfect size for me. I love how my puff pony tails just expand and how it doesn't break off my hair.

Love the cuffs

I have every size and love them. Prefer them over hair bands.

Christy Gibbs

I love my puff cuffs, as long as I can receive them, I will be wearing them. Thanks a million for the warranty on them

cute & Kurly Bundle Doll

This is a cute, economical , bundle. Nice. Godd Sale price.

In love with this!!!

I love this puff cuff. I’ll never use another banana clip or scrunchie again. I have slept in it several times. I have also told as many other women and girls in my family and at church about this, and I will probably buy others as gifts. For the past two weeks I’ve had no problems with one of them braking, and it is good to know that they have a lifetime warranty. Thanks so much for you invention. I wish these were available while I was teaching. However now that I am a retired educator I can still reap the benefits of the Puff Cuff. Thanks again for caring enough for our hair to take time to create this product. I wear this without ever getting a headache.

best hair clip

I recently broke one of my little puff cuffs and two teeth broke off another. I'd had them for over a year then remembered the warantee if broken! I got two new puff cuff sent after filling out a claim form. Super fast!

Still waiting

I ordered 2 Just Try It, Curlfriend! The Refresh Edition. And I've written in twice that I did not receive the mini picks nor the spray bottles. I was informed it would be sent out ASAP but I'm still waiting.

Never got my laaayed edge. I just got another puff cuff clip

So I can’t rate it if I ant got it

PCM Beard Balm

Very good product. Gives my beard a nice shine and doesn't weight it down