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Love my puff cuffs

Easy to use on my hair without damaging it. I don't mind the price because it's sturdy.

I wish it came in different solid colors. I know clear and black is versatile but I would like other solid colors.

Had my loctiction use on my hair. She loved it aand sked wwhereI got it.

I need a silk Bonnet do you have any more in stock?

Love it and the colors are bright and beautiful! Worth my money!

maybe it's just me being so unlucky, but the diffuser wasn't even in a box, just a plastic bag. it's very ugly to send like that. there are no questions about the diffuser - it's great. packaging sucks.

Thanks for the replacement.

Didn't work on my hair. Never got a chance to use

I need to get the snozzle pro for this to fit my hair dryer, but it’s sturdy and good quality. Really good value for the price. I can fit all of my hair in here. I have to add, Puffcuff’s customer service is awesome. My original order got lost and they replaced it. They were very professional and I will definitely order more from them. Thanks guys!

The mystery gift is super fun! I ended up with a diffuser and a lovely continuous spray bottle. Definitely worth $4 to try for something great!


Great clips. Didn’t break or tangle my hair

Detangling brush was sturdy but stiff. Like the company though. Very happy with previous purchases.

Fantastic black girl hair solution

I love these clips so much. I use them on my big hair days. I bought more to give to my mixed race nieces. Now they can rock more natural styles. While I did break one I don’t find them delicate. I think I just overextended the arm. The clip holds all my hair in place in beautiful fashionable hair styles.

Q-Redew™ Handheld Hair Steamer — U.S. ONLY

Feels like I’m in a spa makes hair soft.

TPC Golden Holiday Bundle
Taylor Thompson

Snagged this bundle for NYE, but now that it's delivered...I will definitely be wearing her for often. I couldn't imagine how cute, easy, and well it compliments my hair!

TPC Golden Holiday Bundle
McKenna Chaston
The Gold Adorable

I love that PuffCuff has come out with different colors for their PuffCuffs! I love the gold so much for Christmas and New Years. The color really pops in my hair and I can easily wear this out on the town and straight to bed without my hair being destroyed and my head hurting.

What a great concept!

I didn't think I could love this product anymore, but getting it in gold is perfect. The detangling brush works great, too.

Love love love the gold! it's everything!

Have the black and the clear, it's only right to get the gold! not to mention it goes well with my jewelry! super easy to use and perfect for my curls!

This "bundle" only contains one cuff even though the photo shows all of them. They put deep down in the fine print so you don't see it. Straight false advertising. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Hi! Thank you for your honest feedback, We sincerely apologize as it was never our intention to bring forth this experience, we ensured to highlight in our description that our Gold Bundle consist of 1 Gold PuffCuff and a Gold Tanglemaster, our team will be working to better relay our products/messages for future campaigns and promotions!

Was very surprised. Love the gifts.


The PuffCuff is already great for my curls, but in gold? AMAZING! And it's a bundle with the brush... holi-slay!!

Really helps to smooth my beard out!

I love my pin and thanks for the other edition puffcuff pin much love

My partner uses these everyday, most comfortable way for them to put up their hair!