Earn Drip Dollaz by joining our Rewards Program! Members receive exclusive benefits such as getting points with every purchase, earning free products, earning free shipping, and get bonus points for referring.

Q: What is the PuffCuff Rewards Program?

The PuffCuff Male Rewards Program is our loyalty program where Drip Dollaz can be redeemed for free shipping, a free item, and even a dollar amount off your order total.

Q: Can I Stack Discounts or Reward Redemptions?

Unfortunately, discounts from rewards redemptions can not be stacked due to store limitations. Since reward redemptions are processed through codes, only one code can be used at checkout.

Q: How does it work?

You can join online for free! To enroll go to https://thepuffcuff.com/account/register.

Q: How does referring work?

Referring is a fast and easy way to give a friend $5 to try the PuffCuff, and yourself 500 Drip Dollaz (equal to $5 off when redeemed) once your referral makes their first purchase. You can easily access your referral URL by clicking the crown icon in the lower-right corner of our site, logging in, and scrolling down to “referrals.” Send this URL to your friends for them to receive their referral discount!

Q: How do guest accounts work?

Signing up as a guest allows you to receive Drip Dollaz at checkout without creating an account. To claim your points, sign up for our rewards program using the same email you placed your order with. Once created, your account should reflect your Drip Dollaz balance earned from your purchase as a guest.

Q: Can Drip Dollaz rewards be applied to purchases that occur shortly prior to signing up?

Unfortunately, Drip Dollaz can not be retroactively applied to previous purchases and are only available after signup.

Q: How do I redeem my Drip Dollaz?

You can quickly and easily redeem your Drip Dollaz by clicking on the crown icon that hovers on the bottom right corner of our site and selecting which reward you'd like to claim. Once you have selected your reward, a unique coupon code will be generated, which can be applied via promo code on your order.

Q: How do Drip Dollaz work

Drip Dollaz are earned in a variety of ways and are automatically added to your balance after each purchase. Drip Dollaz can be redeemed for a dollar amount off your purchase, free shipping, or a free item.

Q: How do I earn and keep track of my Drip Dollaz?

You automatically earn 4 Drip Dollaz for every dollar spent. On occasion, reward program participants can earn additional Drip Dollaz during special promotions which multiply the number of points earned by a predetermined number exclusive to that promotion.

Drip Dollaz can also be earned by following and sharing @PuffCuffMale on social media, on your birthday, and for signing up! You can keep track of your point balance and ways to earn through the crown icon in the lower-right corner of our website.

Q: Is there a cost?

Joining the our reward program is FREE so you can start earning Drip Dollaz immediately!

Q: How do I enroll

There are three easy ways to join the PuffCuff Reward Program.

  1. Visit https://puffcuffmale.com/account/register to create your account
  2. Click “Account” at the top right corner of our website and create your account.
  3. Click the crown icon, the purple crown icon that hovers in the lower-right corner of our website.