Is your texture identity KINKS & COILS?

Kinky and coily hair in the media is typically presented as men of color in styles like braids and twists, not how it grows out of the head. As a result, kinky hair isn't easy to identify. If you're unsure if your hair is kinky or coily, look at a mirror from a distance. If the reflection of your hair looks as if it forms a large mass with few individual curls, you have kinky hair.

"More than half (53%) of men said they want to overcome and embrace their insecurities, but don’t know where to start. In good news though, 54% have already started their journey."*

*Survey commissioned by GAINSWave, conducted by OnePoll.


Avoid waxy or silicone-based products that coat the hair, reduce shine, hydration, and definition over time.


Use hydrating products that wash out easily. PCM Hair & Hydration Set is a great place to start.


Use leave-in moisturizers like the Moistchä Daily Beard & Hair Leave-In Conditioner to keep curls hydrated, healthy, and defined.


Shampoo bi-weekly and avoid shampoos with harsh sulfates. Sleep on silk!


Detangle hair while damp with TangleMaster. Use Ball-Tipped Mini Pick on dry hair to add volume.


Add even more texture with the award-winning Twist It Up Comb.


Popular men with tighter curls and afro textures include Big Sean, Bruno Mars, Colin Kaepernick, the Weeknd and Donald Glover.






You can't go wrong when accentuating what's given to you by God. Some think natural kinks and coils are hard to maintain. But with the right haircut, styling products, and maintenance tips, and moisture both inside and out, your natural hair will shine its best light. The afro is an icon associated with this texture. From high-top fades, braids or twists, or locs, this texture's versatility is endless.


"I was a little skeptical about it getting through my curls without pulling out hair, but it really help me detangle my hair faster and I lost less hair compared to when I use a comb. No more anxiety about detangling!"


- Michael B.
TangleMaster® Detangling Brush

"Ditched wearing headbands and started wearing my PuffCuff! On top of it making my hair look great when I want to wear it up… It’s actually quite easy to put in, very lightweight, and so easily adaptable to my hair that you can’t see it and I don’t even feel it in my head throughout the day. PuffCuff has definitely became my knight in shining armor whenever I need something easy and quick to style my hair with on the go!"


- Manny R. 
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"The Moistchä Rich Daily Cream Conditioner has become my go-to moisturizer. It works on wet and dry hair, always leaving my hair soft and curly. It has even replaced my old favorite moisturizers! I’m very happy with how the product works with my hair."


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