What Consumers Want from the Hair Industry

We recently offered you the opportunity to let your voice be heard through our Most Valued Customer Survey, and you did not disappoint. You took the time to let us know exactly why you love The PuffCuff, what you want more of, and how we can make your experience with us even better. You also shared with us what you value when it comes to the natural hair industry in general, and what you expect from the brands that you support. Here’s what your answers taught us about you. 

Outstanding customer service is the way to your heart 

“...thank you for great customer service.” 

You made it clear to us that you value feeling taken care of, as you should. You mentioned perks like our free shipping and various insider discounts as reasons why you keep coming back for more. In fact, our survey revealed that over 75% of you expect free shipping with online orders, which is why shipping at thepuffcuff.com is free for all U.S. orders. 

Another key aspect of customer service is communication. Many of you mentioned that you appreciate being able to communicate easily with a brand via chat, email, or text. You want to be able to interact with brands quickly and efficiently to have your questions answered and get the help they need. 

Functionality and Durability are Essential 

“Products that work. Made from naturally derived ingredients”

You invest a lot in your hair care products, and you want accessories that will last a long time and be worth your investment. We pride ourselves in providing an expertly engineered product that is made from quality materials, and we are confident in the quality of ThePuffCuff, that is why there is a lifetime warranty on all PuffCuffs. As long as we can confirm your original order, we will ship a replacement PuffCuff to you free of charge.  

You Crave Options

“More color options, size in between the largest and junior, show more styling options”

You want more. More colors, sizes, shapes, and locations to purchase our products. You made it clear that you expect options from the curly hair industry in general. You want to see products for your hair type (locs, thick, long and short), in retailers near you, at various price points so that you can choose the right products for you. 

Here at ThePuffCuff, we are always looking to expand our product lines and availability to make sure we are able to provide you with exactly what you want and need for your hair. 

We Hear You

We want to thank you for taking the time to give us your honest feedback. We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open because we care about what matters most to you. Make sure that you are following us on social media and subscribe to our email list so that we can keep you engaged in the conversation.


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