4 Ways The PuffCuff Is Saving You and Your Curls

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like your naturally curly hair was just too hard to deal with? We get it. Being a Curlfriend comes with some challenges, but here at PuffCuff, we want you to know that those challenges say more about the mainstream beauty industry standards than they do about you and your beautiful hair.

“Your natural hair isn't “difficult”, you just don't have the tools you need.”

Sadly, most hair accessories are still made for straight hair. But what if there was a product created just for curly girls like you, one that would help you craft perfect curly styles with ease? Well, you’re in luck because that's exactly what our founder Ceata Lash set out to do with the PuffCuff. 

The PuffCuff is a one-of-a kind styling tool made for curly hair. Here are 4 ways this life changing product is great for you and your curls. 

1 | No More Cinched Curls

The patented PuffCuff design was engineered with your curls in mind. The one-of-a-kind cuff has an intentional space in the center that allows your curls to expand. This expansion avoids cinching. That means that when you take down your PuffCuff style at the end of a long day, your curls won't have the dips and crimps that can come with using styling tools that compress your curls.  

2 | Saves Your Curls From Damage 

Because the PuffCuff doesn't cinch your hair, it eliminates friction and wear on the hair strand. This means no damage to your curls. This is especially important for people with curly texture because it keeps frizz and tension at bay which can lead to breakage. The PuffCuff gently holds the hair into place using the natural volume of curls, without pulling or creating tension. This reduces breakage and helps with both growth and length retention. 

3| Helps To Avoid Headaches

Most of us know about the love-hate relationship we can have with a high puff hairstyle. The look is unstoppable, but the headache that comes with it makes you question if it’s worth it. Well with PuffCuff, beauty doesn’t mean pain. 

The PuffCuff eliminates tension on the scalp and hair from pulling which means no tension-headache after wearing your hair up. You can rock your high puff and other curly styles without worry about your stands or edges. Curlfriends just like you are rocking their PuffCuff while they  sleep, exercise, run errands, or even work 12-hour shifts.

4 | Saves You Time

 Whether it's a single puff, space buns, or a fro-hawk, the PuffCuff saves time and effort when it comes to styling your hair. Whether you just need to quickly throw your curls up to get them out of your face, or you want to try a new fun look, the PuffCuff has your back with its easy-to-use design. It comes in various sizes to accommodate your hair texture and help you achieve the look you crave. Unsure which PuffCuff size is right for you? Our “Size Finder” tool is here to help. 

So there you have it, 4 ways the PuffCuff is saving you and your curls! We are honored to be able to support you along your journey to loving and embracing your curls. Be sure to check out our line of natural hair care products, just like the PuffCuff, they were designed for any curly and textured hair situation. 

By Raeah Carroll

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