Ditch The Band and Revitalize Your Hair!

Ditch the Band and Revitalize Your Hair! If you ask PuffCuff's inventor, Ceata Lash, about her product's origin and ultimate success, she says it all began with a single idea and a unique need. "I invented PuffCuff as a styling tool for naturally curly and thick hair. I wanted it to be easy to use, durable and sanitary. But most of all, it had to be painless, and gentle on the hair! Plus, it needed to be something both men and women could use." After six successful years, it's easy to say Ceata more than reached her goal.

This month "Ditch the Band LIVE- A PuffCuff Experience" Hair Show makes its return for a second year on May 26th at the Riverside EpiCenter in Austell, GA, from 3 to 7 pm EST. In addition to curating a great, worthwhile experience for our attendees and vendor partners, this event is about embracing and caring for your natural tresses and spreading the word about this fantastic styling tool, which continues to transform the way naturally curly hair is styled.

"When I decided to go natural and love my curls, I realized I also was going to have to find a new way to style and protect it. I wanted my hair to match my active lifestyle and my personality—fun, stylish, and free. "Styling tools on the market were just not good for curly, dense hair," says Ceata. "Up to this point, everything I used put too much tension on my scalp and edges and that caused noticeable damage. "Plus, I suffered from migraine headaches. Elastic and rubber bands produced too much tension and, what I call the 'bunny butt effect.' It was time for the PuffCuff to become real."

Instead of waiting for someone else to come up with a solution, Ceata did it herself. In 2014, she began selling the only hair clamp for thick curly or textured hair. "It's very challenging finding flattering hairstyles for my type 3 curly hair," writes columnist Kathryn Desplanque in the online magazine Naturally Curly. "I've mostly worn my hair down and unadorned for the last decade. But recently, I became curious to see if the curly community had come up with any solution to the simple challenges of wearing your hair in a ponytail for type 3hair in particular. I was delighted to discover that a solution existed in the PuffCuff! "Instead of cinching your hair with an elastic band, your curly hair is held in place with the PuffCuff… I can keep my bangs down, keep tendrils down around my ears, and end up with a looser and more romantic ponytail that stays in place all day."

Made from a durable high impact-resistant plastic, the PuffCuff is designed with a contoured fit. Its wide-opening mouth is specially designed to accommodate thick hair without cinching it. This means no tension headaches from a tight band! Instead, PuffCuff's unique teeth are designed to lock curly hair in place naturally. This unisex hair clamp will not cause hair breakage or damage, and it works with all types of thick hair— including locks, twists, and braids. So, don't allow a "band" to hold you down anymore!

End your dependency on damaging hair accessories at Ditch the Band! This spectacle of natural hair edutainment for the entire family will send you home utterly inspired with tips and tricks to make your crown shine while feeling its absolute best!

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