Inventing the PuffCuff: The Ceata Lash Story

A few short years ago, PuffCuff founder Ceata Lash realized the hair accessory industry actually had a bias. Most, if not all, the products on the market were designed for straight hair and not for naturally thick or curly hair. 

She also felt that the products for natural hair were really designed to entice you to straighten your hair in order to use the product successfully. After years of using chemicals on her own hair, she was ready to embrace her natural curls; and that, we could say, was the beginning of The PuffCuff story… but not quite. 

The story actually began with Ceata’s 99-year-old grandmother. “I was blessed to have her live with my family during her final years,” says Ceata. “The impact she had on our lives was profound. 

“She had seen so much history and so many changes for the better. She was my heart, and I loved her dearly. In our quiet moments together, I often wondered, ‘Did she pursue all of her dreams? Had she done everything she wanted to do?’” Then the answer came, and it was a confident, “Yes!” 

“After that, I found myself wondering if I lived to be 99, could I say the same thing? This is when I decided I had to try to step out on faith and develop what we have today: The PuffCuff—a nationally known hair product that is gaining new users every day. 

I thought, “If I failed, it wouldn’t be for lack of trying” says Ceata. “But here I am! I took the leap with my husband beside me! And we have never looked back.” 

PuffCuff, LLC launched in November of 2013, and the first PuffCuff was available for purchase in February 2014! Recently, Ceata was named the recipient of the Sally Beauty President’s Innovation Award. 

This amazing story also has another amazing fact: The PuffCuff was developed for all curl types. “This product is bringing people together,” says Ceata, “and that also is a goal I had from the beginning.”

"Order the big plate, take small bites, drink plenty of water and do the best you can.

Don’t give up. Keep running when you’re tired. And don’t stop until the Lord tells you to… and He hasn’t told us to.”

Watch the full documentary on our YouTube page. 


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  • Amy

    I am not a happy with this company. I have tried to resolve a refund issue since September 2o20 and have yet to hear from anyone. I was excited about this product but, it just didn’t work for me. I’ve left several messages, sent emails, and even filed with BBB. As of today still no response or contact from The PuffCuff- what poor customer service.

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