Hairitage Story #1


Our founder Ceata E. Lash is passionate about natural hair, but even more passionate about creating spaces for women to build community along their self-love journey. Hairitage Stories were born from that passion. Throughout this series, we will share the stories of people with textured hair who have struggled with self-love and acceptance due to the pressures of mainstream society and beauty standards.

For the first installment of Hairitage Stories, we sat down with natural hair influencer and brand ambassador, Ezinne Amadi (@afriziny), to talk about her experience with learning to love and embrace her natural hair. Ezinne’s story is one of self-discovery, self-love, and empowerment. She shares her journey and offers advice for anyone who may be struggling to embrace their own natural hair. So whether you're a seasoned curlfriend, or just starting out on your natural hair journey, Ezinne’s story is sure to inspire and encourage you.

I {CELEBRATE} my Hairitage

“When I look back on where my hair has been and where it is currently, I see how taking the time to focus on my actual hair and not what I want it to be or what someone who manufactures relaxers wants my hair to look, it has helped shift my thought processes, what I eat and drink, and who I let into my space.”

- Ezinne Amadi


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