Trend Alert: Copper Curls Are The CLEAR Choice

The outdoors is now open, and people are ditching their drab work-from-home clothes for bright and fun copper-colored hair! Celebs have been spotted rocking the copper trend and our social media feed is following close behind. If you’re thinking about coloring your hair at home, you’re probably all too familiar with how messy the process can be. Luckily, the PuffCuff CLEAR is an excellent tool for sectioning hair while coloring at home, AND it seamlessly blends in with lighter or dyed curls to style your copper tresses. 

Tip #1 : Work In Sections For Even Saturation

For those taking the at-home route to coloring your curls, the PuffCuff can make the sectioning process easy and snag-free. Why do you want to create sections when coloring your hair? This technique helps to ensure that all of your curls are eventually saturated with color to prevent blotchy spots. Using multiple of our smaller sizes, such as the TEENY or MICRO, can take the place of clips or rubber bands that can tug on hair or modify your curl pattern. Once you’re ready to move on to the next step, unhook your PuffCuff and get to painting!

The best part? The PuffCuff can be reused after a color session because the non-porous material won’t absorb hair color. Just use some water and soap to make your PuffCuff is as good as new!

Top #2 : Use Cold Water and Avoid Shampooing to Prevent Fading

Rocking a new hair color is exciting and can make you feel like an entirely new person! So what happens when your color starts to fade? You can take a few steps to ensure that your color lasts as long as possible, including our favorite color-saving that begins right after the dying process: Use cold water! It’s pretty common knowledge that shampoos naturally strip small amounts of artificial hair color on almost every use, but did you know hot water has a similar effect?

Hot water opens the hair cuticle, which allows color to wash out. Using less hot water on your hair and reducing the number of times you shampoo will help increase the longevity of your hair color. Need to make it an extra day or two before your next shampoo? Throw in a PuffCuff for a quick solution that’ll get you to wash day and help save your color for just a little longer!

Tip #3 : Show Off Your Curls and Let The Color Shine Through!

Now that you’ve got this awesome new color, it’s time to show it off! Wanna rock a pair of space buns? How about grabbing your favorite scarf for a quick pineapple? Whatever style or color you want to rock, the PuffCuff CLEAR seamlessly blends in with light and vivid colored hair.


If you have light curls or enjoy experimenting with color, checkout our CLEAR collection! Don’t forget about our top selling CLEAR bundles, the Clearly 4 ME! Goodie Bag and Clearly Treat Cho-Self! Goodie Bag for even more bang for your buck.

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