Why Won't My Hair Grow? Lavida Barkley, Official Stylist at PuffCuff, Weighs in

It's been months, and your hair doesn't seem like it's grown. What gives? Your hair gets to that one length and stays there. The build-up of everyday stress and literal hair tension could be a contributing factor, with the most significant culprits hiding in your hair routine!

"Length retention has been our main challenge," notes PuffCuff stylist Lavida Barkley. "Naturals don't tend to color or chemically treat their hair, but Mechanical Damage; pulling, twisting, and brushing hair into submission without the proper foundation is a detriment that causes hair loss and trauma. 'Protective Styling' requires a grave amount of tension and has significantly contributed to hair loss. Finding alternative styling solutions that suit your hair characteristics will repair and retain the hair you are growing." 

A common source of mechanical damage to our curls is caused by tension. Whether it's from being braided too tightly or throwing your hair in a puff using a restrictive elastic band, these actions wear at the hair, causing damage and, eventually, breakage. Heat is another common cause of damage, especially in winter when diffusing is almost necessary. Be sure to use a heat protectant to guard against potential damage.

Think you have a weak spot in your routine? Here are our favorite tension-free alternatives to standard tools.

Replace the tension caused by elastic bands and detangling with -> Just Try It Curlfriend, Detangling Edition 


Use a wide-tooth detangling brush to give curls space to move through the teeth, reducing friction and pulling. Bonus points if the brush flexes ike the TangleMaster® to melt through knots, not bust through them. Grab the limited edition Just Try It Curlfriend, Detangling Edition Petite Bundle to eliminate curl-stressing tension from your routine.

The PuffCuff is so comfortable that curlfriends often tell us they sleep in it! Styles don't have to FEEL tight to LOOK good. If you're not sure which size to get, take our quiz to find your size.

It's time to replace your toothbrush or boar brush edge brush with -> EdgeMaster 3-in1 Edge Styling Tool

EdgeMaster® 3-in-1 Edge Brush/Styling Tool

We all have or had one, but that doesn't mean they're the best option for styling your baby hairs. Boar bristles and the nylon bristles found in toothbrushes can cause a significant amount of friction, especially if you're guilty of having a heavy hand. The EdgeMaster uses rounded silicone bristles that glide effortlessly over slightly damp hair. The dual-side design also features an extended tooth to assist with parting to create styles or take down your braided and twists.

Cotton Pillowcase -> Mulberry 100% Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry 100% Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on silk is more than just a luxurious feeling; it's good for your curls too! Traditional cotton pillowcases have a rough texture that pulls and tugs at curls, resulting in frizzy, dry hair in the morning. Mulberry silk reduces that friction resulting in less breakage and frizz, plus it's naturally odorless and hypoallergenic! (Grab yours for 50% off when you shop our Steal Deals!)

Friction and tension are common causes for curly hair concerns across the board. Using products that focus on eliminating tension and friction will not only save you from a headache but help your curls to grow to their full potential. Browse our store for even more tension-free alternatives to everyday products made just for your curls.

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